Thursday, November 17, 2016

Tips and Tricks from School - Filling and Icing

No baking today, it's simply to assemble the cake, i.e. get ready the whipped cream and learn the cake icing technique.

Icing is not my forte, I have never ever done a good icing job before.  Icing cake at home can be very challenging due to hot weather, many a times, the whipped cream couldn't hold up longer enough before I finished the whole cake.  People say practice makes perfect, the practice today is definitely not sufficient, more practices are needed at home.

I realized the whipping cream could be easily whipped in the aircon kitchen to  stiff peak and had no problem to leave it outside for long before using it.  It didn't soften. This is something I can never ever achieve at home.  Next time if I need to ice a cake at home, I think I should  consider to turn on aircon to keep the temperature down.

We did two cakes assembly today.  One is Jam Roll, the other is Black Forest Cake.   The takeaways  for today:
  1. Skin off the cake to prevent crumb gets into whipped cream when icing.
  2. Brush a layer of syrup onto sponge cake for the purpose of  making the cake moist and infuse flavor.
  3. After rolling the cake, use a cake board or a rolling pin to tighten the cake by pulling the parchment paper.
  4. It's not necessary to roll the cake when it's warm, the recipe is key.
  5. To slice the cake, slowly turn the cake while moving the knife a back and forth motion.  Always look out the front slide.
  6. It's important to get the top layer of the cake as smooth as possible as well as the slides.  We can use palette knife to achieve it.
  7. Use turn table for layered cake icing.  
  8. etc
After today, we are ending the cake practical sessions and next Monday is the exam for both theory and practical.  Stress!


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